THE BEST ALL BISQUE worksheet pack

THE BEST ALL BISQUE worksheet pack
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The Best All Bisque

A Special Selection of 15 ALL Bisque Doll Worksheets including dolls by JD Kestner, Heubach, Hertwig & Co. and Simon Halbig. Lovely ladies and little men. Some with wigs and some with molded hair. Some with painted eyes while others have glass eyes. Perfect for your research binder with history and color photo of each antique doll. Includes painting schedule.

$59.25 value for just $39.95!

Basil, Iris, Poppy, Rose, Buttercup, Bluebell, Dandelion, Sweetpea, Johnny Jump Up, Iris, Honeysuckle and more!

Note: If we sell out of one of the above listed worksheets, we will substitute with another all bisque worksheet. You will receive a complete assortment of 15 all bisque doll worksheets.

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Price $39.95

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