RUBY Conta & Boehme shoulderhead mold

RUBY Conta & Boehme shoulderhead mold
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Souvenir doll mold 2017 in celebration of DAG's 40th (Ruby) anniversary!

RUBY is a rare and beautful Conta & Boehme originally produced around 1860. The doll may be made as either a china or parian. She has a beautiful snood of netting and lovely hanging tassles. Molded ringlets fall to the shoulder.

Finished doll size: 12.75" (32.4cm)

Arms: DAG2009A arms

Legs: DAG2009L legs


DAG2017BK - Ruby, A Victorian Fancy by Linda Wall and Sophia Kantrales; Includes both worksheets

WSCP15-1 Ruby (China doll)

WSCP15-2 Ruby (Parian doll)


Cloth body: PADBCP05 Ruby cloth body pattern

Costume patterns:

PACP1301 Underwear pattern for PACP1302 includes drawers, chemise, under slip, corset, camisole, petticoat and hoop skirt. Photos and fabulous details appropriate for the period.

PACP1302 1863 style ball gown

PACP1303 1864 style dinner or visiting dress with complete underwear


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