May Head Mold

May Head Mold
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  • Item #: MAY

Modern doll sculpted by Jane Zidjunas especially for the Doll Artisan Guild. Fits the 14" modern body (MB140S). Doll size: 18" (46cm), Head circ. 10" (25cm), eyes: 16mm. Mold weight 10lbs.

MAY head mold.

Also available separately:

MAYPTN May pattern. (shown on doll)

Fits New York Doll Products MB140S Composition body

Optional body mold ALB9873.

WSMD14 May worksheet.
Doll shown by Jane Zidjunas.
Reference: DOLLS Beautiful 2005-3 G.Martin, DOLLS Beautiful 2008-1, T.B.Paulsen

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Price $99.95