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Doll Artisan Guild Membership
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NOTE: IF you are renewing and there is a short lapse in membership - don't worry. We will be sure to keep your membership number.

If you are new to porcelain dollmaking or are making dolls already, the DOLL ARTISAN GUILD brings us all together. Maybe you just like to do the costuming? The the DAG is the perfect place to be. Top notch education, events, competitions, and fun!

Join thousands of other members world-wide that enjoy dollmaking as a hobby or a business.  This can be a hobby for life! Support your hobby and sign up here!

Reasons to Join the Doll Artisan Guild (D.A.G.)
The largest member organization for porcelain dollmakers.

1. Top-notch magazine, Dollmaking techniques, patterns,  products, dolls, events in DOLLS Beautiful magazine.
2. Website: with information at your fingertips.
3. Newsletter: DAG News: Newsletter in DOLLS Beautiful especially for DAG members.
4. Titles: Strive towards special titles in the DAG School of Dollmaking, recognized around the world.
5. Competition: win ribbons and awards and have your work evaluated by expert judges
6. Conventions and events: for fun and inspiration.
7. Make new friends that share your passion for dolls.
8. Seminars: have fun and experience the very best with DAG certified Instructors.
9. DAG is where you go for the very best dollmaking experience.

10. You'll be glad you did!

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