Digital Costume Competition

Digital Costume Competition
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FUN -FOR- ALL! Digital Doll Costume Competition 2020

It’s time for something new and fun! For ALL of us!

Dollmakers, Collectors, Seamstresses! Grab your cameras and enter your latest creation or share your favorite! 

Entries can be dolls that are

           Reproduction - Costumed by you

           Antique - Costumed by you

           Vintage - Costumed by you (Barbie, Patti Playpal, Cissy -- ) 

           Contemporary Collectible & Artist Dolls (Example: American Girl, Tonner, Kish) 




It's easy - Simply pay the Fee for each entry and you'll be signed up!   - DEADLINE to sign up: August 28, 2020

We will send you a tag to print out & display with your doll

Take digital photos (with your tag)

Email photos by September 14

More information can be found at - CLICK ON COMPETITIONS 

We hope you'll join the fun! We have some great Awards! Check them out on the information brochure. 


 THE FINE PRINT/TOS: I have read, understand and accepted all the rules and accept that my entries may be excluded if any rule is disregarded. All photos submitted will remain the property of Doll Artisan Guild International, Inc. I agree these photos may be published and used by Doll Artisan Guild. I understand there are no refunds of competition fees. The costuming work on the entries I am submitting is by me. I accept that the judges’ opinions are based on judgments made to the best of their ability. All decisions are final.

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Price $10.00