DOLLS Beautiful magazine 2016-3

DOLLS Beautiful magazine 2016-3
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DOLLS Beautiful 2016-3 magazine

From the heart - A Study of Ethnic Dolls by Raquel V. Hicks, AE

Step by Step: Cape and Hat for Adelaide Huret - by Jackie Chimpky

Knitting for Small Dolls - Part 2, By Shelley Mierle

Simon & Habig Fashion doll by Carol Tribble, TCMEd

DOLLMAKER'S NOTEBOOK: Eugene and his Flying Machine, by Debbie Adkins, GMDM

Huret Bonus Pattern peices for PAF1503 to fit the Jointed Body - by Louise Hedrick

DAG NEWS: AUSTRALIA 2016 DAG Supported Event

New certified Doll Artisans

Seminars around the world

Competition Corner with new "Gallery of Stars" Award


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