#DOLLS Beautiful 2019-4

#DOLLS Beautiful 2019-4
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DOLLS Beautiful 2019-4 

Feature articles include: 

Bess - a JDKestner all bisque doll - Companion for Elle by Kitty Murks, TCDMEd

The Rare Dolls of Louis Doleac - History of antique - Kitty Murks, TCDMEd

Recreating Elle, Louis Doleac - by Femmy Toele, TCDMEd

Elle (Louis Doleac) as a French Governess, by Kitty Murks, TCDMEd

A Little Dollmaking History - 1000 dolls. 

International Convention 2020 Invitation

Event Report: Cardiff, Wales UK 2019


JDK Bess & Louis Doleac Elle

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