#DOLLS Beautiful 2019-3

#DOLLS Beautiful 2019-3
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DOLLS Beautiful magazine 2019-3 Fall issue

Fun project Up, Up and Away with Isabel (all bisque) by Sophia Kantrales, TCDMEd,  FL

Princesse Jumeau France: A Fairy Tale Comes True by Claudia Smith, AE, CA

Step by Step: Chain Stitch Thread Loop by Kitty Murks, TCDMEd, LA

Simon & Halbig's All Bisque Poppy by Sue Mitchell, DDMEd, GA

A CLOSER LOOK: Kestner 9 by Sheryl Williams, DDMEd, NY

Ask the Expert, by Sue Mitchell

Business Backstory: The Porcelain Place by Shelly Mierle, MDM

Member Profile: Britt Andreassen, Norway by Raquel V. Hicks, AE



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