DOLLS Beautiful 2019-1

DOLLS Beautiful 2019-1
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DOLLS Beautiful 2019-1 Spring 

Simeon in the Temple by Debbie Adkins, GMDM

Doll Artist's Notebook: IDA, A Candy Store Doll, by Kitty Murks, TCDMEd

IDA Spinning Top, by Sheryl Williams, DDMEd

Desigining A Dress for Isabelle and Her Friends, by Shelly Mierle, MDM

Step by Step: Mock Roll and Whip Hem, By Kitty Murks, TCDMEd

and MORE!!

Dollmaker's Calendar, Event Report Colorado Springs 2018, Seminars Around the World, Competition Corner

FREE Dollmaker's Worksheet: WSABD34 Ida

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