DOLLS Beautiful 2018-1 Spring issue

DOLLS Beautiful 2018-1 Spring issue
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This is a GREAT ISSUE!!! 

The Forgotten Doll (Portrait Head #1 by Effner) Magge Award winning doll by Lynda Alexander, TCDM with instructions and pattern to make super cute fabric shoes and socks. 

Mlle Lilianne, An Elegant Beauty by Femmy Toele, DAG Instructor, Netherlands. Gorgeous portrait (or Deluxe model) Jumeau. Worksheet with photo of antique to reproduce. A corsett pattern included.

Step by Step: Toilet Set in Presentation Box by Karen Clohessy, DAG Instructor, Australia. Beautiful set with step by step instructions for constructing the box and lid. This fantastic project will be the perfect accessory for any of your favorite fashion dolls. 

1860's Style Accessories for Lady Doll, by Sophia Kantrales. DAG Instructor, Florida. Instructions for a Drawstring Purse, Fanchon Cap and lovely Shawl for your lady dolls. Photos and template included. 




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