DOLLS Beautiful 2017-2 Summer issue

DOLLS Beautiful 2017-2 Summer issue
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  • Item #: DB2017-2

DOLLS Beautiful magazine summer issue DB2017-2

Cecelia - Bahr & Proschild German lady by Sheryl Williams, DAG Instructor USA; DAG Souvenir doll Australia 2016 (Mold available from DAG)

Nyama - A Gombey Warrior; ARTI Award 2016 and People's Choice Award 2016 by Penny Sampson, Bermuda

Korean Doll for Peace; Jieun Jung, TCDM and DAG Instructor, Korea

Ask the Experts - STANHOPES; In depth information to create an authentic look. By Kitty Murks and Sue Mitchell. USA (Gallery of antique dolls with Stanhopes!)

Step by Step: All bisque Snowdrop in a Presentation Box; by Tove Berre Paulsen, TCDMed and DAG Instructor, Norway

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