C.F. Kling Bertha mold set

C.F. Kling Bertha mold set
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  • Item #: DAG2018AUST

Perfectly precious Australia 2018 souvenir doll. Originally made by C.F. Kling circa 1880, Bertha has an endearing wide-eyed, round faced childlike appearance. Marked 123 and 2/0 on each side o the company's bell trademark. Dome head. Set includes shoulderhead, arms and lower legs. 

Doll Size: 9" (23cm) 

Head circ: 4" (10cm) 

Eye Size: 6mm

Patterns sold separately: 

PADBG02 Body pattern

PAG0901 Little Red riding Hood costume with underwear (by Sheryl Williams) 

Reference: DOLLS Beautiful 2018-3


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Price $89.95

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