CD: Creating a Small All-Bisque Doll

CD: Creating a Small All-Bisque Doll
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Doll Artisan Guild Dollmaking Study Series

Learn at your own pace at home.

Step by Step: Creating a Small All Bisque Doll

By Kitty Murks, TCDMEd

Easy project includes color photos with easy-to-follow instructions.

This precious little all bisque is PERFECT for your 12" French Fashions! Check out the photo!

Chapter 1: Casting

Chapter 2: Greenware Preparation & Soft Firing

Chapter 3: Dust Free cleaning and Bisque Firing

Chapter 4: Preparation for China Painting

Chapter 5: China Painting

Chapter 6: Assembly

Chapter 7: Costuming and Presentation

BONUS! Stringing All-Bisque Dolls

Mold (Sitting Child S486) available from New York Doll Products.


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